Company Name:
Navy Exchange Services (NEX)
Location: United States-Mississippi-Gulfport
Job Number: 140001W5
Job Summary: Operates automatic embroidery machines with multiple sewing heads or needles controlled by a PC and computer software program to produce decorative patches, monogrammed articles and NCTRF certified regulation name tapes. Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for the efficient operation and functioning of the Embroidery Shop. - Receives and reviews written orders from Customers and store employees. Reads work order to determine type and location of embroidery. - Produces cost estimates for customers using PC and automated computer software program. - Maintains accurate records/logs of all incoming orders and embroidery services provided. - Will actively become familiar with machine and system funtional capabilities. - Electronically produces embroidery designs for customers. Utilizing a PC and specialized computer software program, will create/develop images and designs. Loads data from software onto a floppy disk, then inserts disk into embroidery machine as per machine and software system requirements. - Utilizes "digitizing" software. May be required to scan and digitize images provided by customers to support customized embroidery orders. - Operates automatic embroidery machines with multiple sewing heads or needles controlled by a PC and computer software program. - Places fabric/garment on manufacturer''s hoops. Loads hoop into machine, matching loop and machine notches for correct alignment. Operates dials and buttons on automated embroidery machine to select thread color, speed, depth, rotation and movement of needle. Draws thread through machine guides and bobbin. Adjusts settings and begins automated embroidery process. Guides fabric under needle by hand or turns under mechanical feed bed to guide material, following computer designed pattern. - Monitors machine during use in order to recognize/identify system lights that indicate machine malfunction/trouble. Reviews machine message panel for area of problem, and performs corrective action. - Observes and monitors sewing operation to detect defects in stitching that indicate machine malfunction and corrects as needed. Repairs defective embroidery or fills blanks left by machine. - Uses small hand tools to replace broken/dull needles as required. Turns set-screws to regulate machine settings. - Loads empty bobbins on to machine and guides thread for mechanical winding. - Inspects each complete embroidery order. May be required to redo customer''s orders. - Requisitions and maintains adequate supply of stock at all times. Ensures adherence to correct procedures for the receipt and storage of supplies. May be required to assist in routine End of Month / Quarterly Services inventory. - Oils, cleans and conducts routine maintenance on equipment according to manufacturers prescribed instructions. Ensures proper care and storage of materials. Maintains working area in a clean and orderly condition. - May be required to operate a cash register. Operation will be in accordance with established cash control procedures, and is responsible for own cash fund. May be required to prepare daily salesperson''s cash report. - Ensures that NES customer service standards are maintained. Exercises tact, good manners and courtesy when serving and assisting customers. This is expressed by tactfully responding to patron inquiries and assisting patrons in a prompt and friendly manner. - Will be required to become familiar with US Navy Uniform Regulations. - Relays customer input to Uniform, Operations and/or Services manager regarding suggestions and comments. - Review is made in terms of timeliness, efficiency of operations and patron''s satisfaction. - Performs other related duties as assigned
GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Two years of experience in the operation of computerized/automated embroidery equipment.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.